Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 5 results

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Northwestern (+8) @ #24 Illinois: Illinois, 38-35. I was worried about this pick for a bit. Northwestern led 28-10 mid-way through the third quarter. Illinois made a tremendous comeback, scoring the game-winner in the closing seconds. Straight: Illinois Spread: Fighting Illini
#14 Texas A&M @ #18 Arkansas (+3): Araknsas, 42-38. What is going on down at A&M? The past two weeks yielded a combined 55-20 score (20-3 vs. Oklahoma St. and 35-17 vs. Arkansas), yet A&M has managed to lose both games. Both of these defenses were pathetic. Arkansas on the run side and A&M on the pass side: almost 1200 yards in total offense. Straight: Texas A&M Spread: Aggies

Minnesota (+20) @ #19 Michigan: Michigan, 58-0. Straight: Michigan Spread: Wolverines
Tulane (+7½) @ Army: Army, 45-6. Straight: Army Spread: Black Knights
Kentucky (+30) @ #1 LSU: LSU, 35-7. What have I said about these huge spreads? I hate them because I end up losing games sometimes in garbage time. Straight: LSU Spread: Tigers

Nevada (+27½) @ #4 Boise St.: Boise St., 30-10. Boise hasn't been as dominant as they've needed to be in order to make a statement for the title game. Straight: Boise St. Spread: Broncos
#21 Georgia Tech @ North Carolina St. (+10): Georgia Tech, 45-35. I guess I now have an idea why the spread was ten points: forth tie of the year. LOL Straight: Georgia Tech Spread: Yellow Jackets
Auburn (+10) @ #10 South Carolina: Auburn, 16-13. "The ineptitude of this game is too close to call." Four quarterbacks combind to go 21-for-48, with six interceptions. Straight: South Carolina Spread: Auburn
SMU (+12½) @ #20 TCU: SMU, 40-33. Wow. Where did this one come from? Additionally, this loss, compounded by Boise State's lack of utter domination over their schedule has sealed Boise's fate. (TCU-Boise St. was supposed to be the big test this year.) There will be no title shot this season. Straight: TCU Spread: Horned Frogs
Bowling Green (+20) @ #22 West Virginia: West Virginia, 55-10. West Virginia dominted the game. I guess this is no surprise, but I thought that Bowling Green would put up more of a fight. Straight: West Virginia Spread: Bowling Green

#15 Baylor @ Kansas St. (+3½): Bad timing for RG3's first interception of the year. It led to K State's game-winning field goal. Baylor won't drop much, KSU might be unranked, but they'e now 5-0 and have a win against Miami. RG3 is still on the Heisman list after yet another 5 TD performance. Straight: Baylor Spread: Bears
#13 Clemson (+7) @ #11 Virginia Tech: Clemson, 23-3. How impressive has Clemson been? FYI, in my post-week 4 Top 25, I had Clemson #7 and Virginia Tech #13. I don't know what Dabo Sweeney is putting in the water down in Death Valley, but it's working. Straight: Clemson Spread: Tigers

Ball St. (+37½) @ #2 Oklahoma: Oklahoma, 62-6. Straight: Oklahoma Spread: Sooners

#17 Texas @ Iowa St. (+9½): Texas, 37-14. Texas could be back. They're no Oklahoma, but this is a quality win.
 Straight: Texas Spread: Longhorns

#3 Alabama @ #12 Florida (+3½): Alabama, 38-10. Dominating Arkansas and Florida in conseuctive weeks? Wow. Straight: Alabama Spread: Crimson Tide
#8 Nebraska (+9½) @ #7 Wisconsin: Wisconsin, 48-17. I think Wisconsin said "Welcome to the Big Ten, but this is MY conference." Very impressive win over a defensive-minded Nebraska. Could Russell Wilson the new Heisman frontrunner? Straight: Wisconsin Spread: Nebraska
Notre Dame @ Purdue (+12½): Notre Dame, 38-3. I feel that Notre Dame finally played up to their potential. Theu went for over 500 yards yet again this season. They didn't allow a sack, they didn't have any penalities, and, most importantly, no turnover. It seems that this entire season that I'vebeem over-hyping the Irish, presumably because I'm a fan. However, tonight showed their true potential. Straight: Notre Dame Spread: Fightin' Irish

Oregon St. (+18½) @ #25 Arizona St.: Arizona St., 35-20. Didn't quite cover. Straight: Arizona State Spread: Sun Devils

UCLA (+20½) @ #6 Stanford: Stanford, 45-19. Straight: Stanford Spread: Cardinal

I'd say Wisconsin had the most impressive statement game this week, but Clemson and 'Bama were also made quite an impression.

Upset special:
- 1: LSU def. Oregon: W (LSU, 40-27)
- 2: BYU def. Texas: L (Texas 17-16)
- 3: Arizona St. def. Illinois: L (Illinois, 17-14)
- 4: Clemson def. Florida St.: W (Clemson, 35-30)
- 5: #13 Clemson def. #11 Virginia Tech: W (Clemson,
Season record: 3-2

Take the points special:
- 1: Miami-OH (+16)-Missouri: W (Missouri, 17-6)
- 2: Toledo (+18)-Ohio St.: W (Ohio St., 27-22)
- 3: Arkansas St. (+24)-Virginia Tech: W (Virginia Tech, 26-7)
- 4: Vanderbilt (+16)-South Carolina: L (South Carolina, 21-3)
- 5: Bowling Green - #22 West Virginia: L (West Virginia, 55-10)
Season record: 3-2

Straight-up: 15-4 (91-14, .867)
vs. the spread: 9-9-1 (50-41-4, .547)

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